The power of intention, when coupled with a conscious approach and sincere desire to help and honor the beautiful world around us can bring miracles.  Even “scientific” experiments can be influenced in the direction the “scientist” is aiming to find results.  Here are photo documentations of places I have been that need healing: the Salton Sea, an important migration ground for birds, which is polluted by agricultural runoff; a water mill on the Black River where a dry cleaner dumped all his chemicals; ravaged forests; polluted waters that can infect human skin with deadly infections; lands recovering from genocide and oppression.  The photo compositions try to make beauty out of these ugly situations, with the hope that they will inspire people to take responsibility and think about the way we live our lives, and the industries and practices we support.  We need art in this world to remind us of beauty, and also of that which is not so pretty.  We are the ones who impact the earth in these ways.  One day I hope for my art to financially support more direct conservation projects--I have plenty of ideas, just ask.
Conscious Intentional Conservation
Wasted Potential
Salton Sea
Forgotten Place
Summer Rental
Salton Sea
Row Boat
Colorful Waste
See My Face